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Archive for December, 2011

OBIEE11g Home Screen & Dashboard Pages

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on December 28, 2011

Let us understand the different new features of OBIEE11g, the next couple of posts will be on OBIEE11g features with examples.
OBIEE11g has a lot of new features, different look and feel, new screens etc. let us explore each component of OBIEE11g starting from Interactive dashboard.

Home Page
Once you login with your user id and password in OBIEE11g, you will see the home screen which is divided into three main sections.

Section 1 includes two menus, upper menu which includes search, advance search, administration, help etc and lower menu also referred to as global header as it part of all screens.
Section 2 includes options to create reports, dashboards, prompts, filters, navigate to different reports, analysis and get help notes on Oracle BI, OTN support etc. You can browse through web catalog objects or search the objects.
Section 3 includes recently accessed reports, this permits quick access to recently used objects without having to search or browse for them, most popular reports etc. These are most popular sections are dynamic and are populated by usage habits of the individual user.

Create Dashboard groups and Dashboards
You can now group your dashboards into logical folders. You can create different groups for different set of dashboards and dashboard pages within dashboards.

Go to catalog, click on shared folder and click on new icon and click on folder to create the dashboard group. Eg: Create dashboard group for different Business Units and create dashboard for each BU.

To create the dashboard, click on the new shared folder (ABC_BU_Operational_Reporting) and click on new icon and dashboard.
Eg: Sales_Dashboard, Finance_Dashboard etc.

Ensure you are creating the dashboard under correct folder.

You can create any number of dashboard pages within the dashboards.

Create dashboard Pages
Click on any dashboard Page.

Click on edit dashboard.

click on + to create dashboard pages.

You can include all AR reports into AR dashboard page.

– Santosh

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