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Archive for May, 2012

OBIEE 11g Edit Analysis – Criteria Tab

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on May 13, 2012

If you have observed in version, there was no direct option to go to criteria tab when clicked on edit analysis. This feature is available now in in my account section.

If you want this feature, click on my account -> Analysis editor and select “Start on Criteria tab when editiing analysis”. click ok.

Next time when you click on edit analysis, the system will take you to criteria tab.

– Santosh

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OBIEE11g – Import Data – Connection Failed Error

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on May 12, 2012

If you get “The connection has failed” error while trying to import data from the database using OCI call interface in RPD, perform the below steps.

1. Add the tnsnames.ora file in the BI Home Directory
Ensure, you add all the data source tns entry details in the tnsnames.ora file
Copy the tnsnames.ora file from Oracle Home (Root directory: \App\User\Product\Network\Admin) and paste the file to the below location in OBIEE11g directory
Root directory: \OBIEE11g\Oracle_BI1\network\admin and
Root directory: \OBIEE11g\oracle_common\admin

2. Add the tnsnames file location path in User.cmd file
Add the tnsnames file location path from one of the above location in the user.cmd file. The user.cmd file is found in the below location
Root directory: \OBIEE11g\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\setup

Now, it should work. Still if you are unable to get the data, close your RPD and try it.
Restart the services if RPD is still not importing data.

– Santosh

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OBIEE 11g – Installation on Windows 7 64bit OS

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on May 12, 2012

OBIEE Installation Pre requisites on Windows 7 64bit OS

Before installation OBIEE on Windows 7 64 bit Operating System, ensure the below requirements are taken care.

System Requirements

  • Disk Space  20GB or higher
  • Physical Memory 4GB
  • Temp Space 950MB
  • Swap Space 3GB
  • CPU & Processor: dual-core Intel 64 Bit, 2.10GHz or greater
  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Other Requirements

  • Environmental Variables (TEM to C:\ directory)
  • Install Loopback Adapter with specific IP Address
  • JDK 7 (64bit)
  • Adobe Flash Player 11
  • Oracle Database or higher
  • RCU Installation (no changes in RCU installation steps). Click here for RCU Installation Steps

OBIEE11g ( Installation Steps

Download all the OBIEE11g 64 bit files from Oracle site and unzip all the files and click on “setup.exe” on disk 1 to start the installation process.


 Click on next


Click on Skip software updates and click next


Click on simple install and click next


Click next


Create a OBIEE11g home directory and ensure there are no spaces on the folder name. Locate the folder and click next.


Provide the Administration user name and password.


Click next


Provide the connect string and metadata schema name (DEV_BIPLATFORM)


Click next


Uncheck the security update and click next.


 Click on Install


 Once the configuration is 100% complete, click on next.

Once the installation is complete click finish. The system will open up the analytics page.


Login with the weblogic user ID and Password and check the sample reports.

– Santosh

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