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Archive for the ‘NoetixViews Basics’ Category

NoetixViews Basics

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on November 25, 2011

What is NoetixViews?
NoetixViews is a set of business views of the data held in the integrated system applications. NoetixViews unlocks the data hidden in corporate databases by providing user friendly, plug and play business views, helping speed the flow of information throughout the enterprise.
By hiding complexity within metadata, NoetixViews simplifies and greatly accelerates report generation and ad hoc query creation, empowering decision makers and frontline employees with timely and accurate access to critical information.
NoetixViews includes an exhaustive help file that is available from both the client and server computers. The help file assists you in locating data and understanding its usefulness.

What are Views?
Database views enable you to retrieve and review data stored in the integrated system in a very efficient manner. Views do not contain data that can be manipulated. Views are a composite picture of data obtained from base tables. Also, since there is no actual data in a view, data cannot be modified in a Noetix View.

Features of NoetixViews:
1. Business views simplify access to Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, and PeopleSoft Enterprise application data.
2. Noetix Meta Builder technology automatically incorporates the unique configuration of each enterprise application implementation.
3. Documents the business metadata of each view and its columns, making search and data understanding faster and easier.
4. Protects reports from database structural changes inherent with enterprise application upgrades, ensuring established reports remain operational through upgrades, eliminating rework and disruptions by providing metadata consistency across new application releases.

Forms of Noetix Views
Noetix Corporation offers three forms of views for NoetixViews, namely standard, cross operations extension (XOP), and global, to manage users access to view information pertaining to various organizational units, such as ledgers, business groups, operating units, and inventory organizations available in Oracle E-Business Suite.

1. Standard Views
The standard form of Noetix views allows Noetix query users to access data for a specific organizational unit, such as a business group, ledger, operating unit, and inventory organization. The standard views for a specific organizational unit are grouped under the corresponding Noetix role for that oganizational unit. When a role is granted to a user, the user can query data related to the specific organizational unit from the views corresponding to the role.

2. XOP Views
NoetixViews cross operations extension (XOP) is an extension to the NoetixViews product line. This feature allows users to view data across multiple organizational areas and build queries using this data. Depending on your Oracle E-Business Suite setup, this data can span multiple ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations.

3.Global Views
The global extension of NoetixViews allows users to view data across organizational units and build queries using the data. Depending on your Oracle E-Business Suite setup, the data can span organizational units, such as business groups, ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations.

Advantages of Global Views
There are significant benefits to be pursued by installing Noetix Global views and using the Noetix OBIEE Generator.
Enterprise-wide reporting
Row-level security
Rapid Implementation

High level Technical Architecture

NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite
NoetixViews enables fast, easy and secure custom report development for users of the Oracle E-Business Suite.
NoetixViews uses Noetix Meta Builder technology to generate database views that are automatically tailored to each customer’s specific Oracle E-Business Suite configuration.

It will automatically detects; Installed Oracle E-Business Suite modules, Multi-org configuration, Over 20 distinct key flex field structures, Lookup tables, Language translations etc.

– Santosh

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