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Archive for the ‘Direct Database Request’ Category

Direct Database Request (DDR) OBIEE10g\11g

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on July 25, 2011

What is Direct Database Request in OBIEE?

The Direct Database Request (DDR) allows you to perform SQL statement directly on database. Users with the appropriate permissions can create and issue a direct database request directly to a physical back end database. The results of the request can be displayed and manipulated within Oracle BI Answers, and subsequently incorporated into Oracle BI Interactive dashboard.

What are the advantages of DDR?

Check physical connectivity to the database.
Check report or dashboard performance issues
Can be used for performance tuning techniques
Check the result retrieval time if the reports are fetching data slowly.
Write any complex table function query.

What are the disadvantages of DDR?
User can by pass a data level security defined in RPD.
User overload production database.
Users can modify the data in the database object.
It’s always recommended to disable DDR option to Production users.

Warning: You can perform SELECT but also CREATE or even DELETE and DROP statement!
The query will directly hit the database and will not connect to any BMM layer and Security.

How to create a Direct Database Access?

Firstly, provide privileges to the users
Admin tool

Go to manager – Security – Select the user name – Permission.
Select Allow on the Execute direct database request.

Answers – Settings – Administration
Go to Manage Privileges
Search by Direct database request and add User to the permission.

* Edit DDR and Execute DDR: Users should be added to these two permissions.

Create Direct Database Request

In the OBIEE11g, go to global header, click on new, click on Analysis, then click on create Direct Database request.

In the OBIEE10g, Go to Answers, you will find Direct Database request.

Provide the Connection Pool details

Give the connection pool details in quotes as below with first database name and connection pool name
“SH_SANTOSH”.”SH” (SH_SANTOSH – database name, SH – Connection pool name)

You can write direct SQL statement in the body and click on Validate SQL and Retrieve Columns.

Click on Result to check the data.

Save this request and place in dashboard.

– Santosh

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