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Archive for the ‘Guided Navigation’ Category

Guided Navigation

Posted by Santosh Kumar Gidadmani on June 29, 2011

Guided navigation is one of the best features in the OBIEE Interactive Dashboard. Guided navigation helps users gain insight into business issues and appropriate actions to take based on results obtained from Oracle Business Intelligence. You can use guided navigation function to alert if the source report is meeting your set condition.
Let me take an example to demonstrate the function of guided navigation.
Let us assume that we have sales by region report and if any of the country’s sales drops by a set target baseline dollar. It should alert on the dashboard so that the country’s sale manager can look into the details of sales and take action based on the report.
Create two reports, one source report where you can set any condition and a target report where you want to display details based on the source report condition.
Source Report: Create a sales summary report as below and set a filter (target condition) as 7,27,972 on the amount sold column.

Target Report: Create a simple sales details report showing country wise customer report.
Create Guided Navigation on the Edit option of Interactive dashboard page.

On the source request section, upload the report which has condition (filter of sales target).
There are two types of links.
1. Static Link – If you select NO on the reference source request. It becomes static link and it will always appear on the dashboard.

2. Conditional link – If you select YES on the reference source request. It becomes conditional link and it will appear when the condition is met in the source report.

Select Yes on the reference source request. Upload the source report in the source request and click on NO on the show link.
Upload the target report (sales detail report) in target and provide a caption. You can also provide any URL in the target section.
Save the section and return to dashboard. Create a country name prompt on the dashboard. Select any country name in the prompt and click go. If the selected country’s sale is greater than target dollar, the guided navigation will not appear. If the selected country’s sale is less than the target, a guided navigation link will appear as below.

The selected country’s sale is below the set target condition, so you can see the guided navigation link appearing on the dashboard. Click on the link to get the detail report with customer sales as below.

– Santosh

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